Monday, November 19, 2007

Turkey Gravy - And I Cheated!

Another true confession - I cheat when it comes to making turkey gravy, or any gravy for that matter. I rely on my Knorr gravy mixes.

I know you might be surprised but after years of fighting with greasy, time consuming turkey gravy and trying to make it while the turkey is resting and the rest of the side dishes are in the oven, I gave up.

The Knorr mixes are great and much better than McCormick brand which tends to be too salty. I can make it with water as directed or I use non-fat milk for a cream gravy.

And when I buy them through Amazon's grocery division, I can get free shipping and pay no sales tax. On the box of 24, it brings the price down to $1 per packet or less when my local supermarket is charging $1.75 a packet!