Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thanksgiving Food Assignments

Thanksgiving prep has started. First step, done a few weeks ago, was to decide who was hosting the dinner and what time. So we are up in Des Plaines this year. Since I have mad skills when it comes to organizing, I had to email or call and make assignments. We may have 10 or we may have 13 people - not sure yet but we always have plenty of food.

I usually fill in the gaps and make items such as stuffing (casserole only - never inside the turkey), sweet potatoes or even my Roast Vegetables but I use sweet potatoes instead of the butternut squash.

The parental units have been assigned to bring pies from Baker's Square and I told them to put their order in early. It is about 2 blocks from their house and they can pick them up on the way. This way there is no cooking for them.

The turkey will be done and while it rests about 30 minutes, we will reheat the side dishes.

I intend to get most of my shopping done next weekend - I have learned to never wait until Mad Wednesday - the day before Thanksgiving. One year back home in upstate New York, one of my aunt's decided to wait until the last minute and there was a major snowstorm. This was back in the late 1960s when there were no 24 hour supermarkets and they weren't open on holidays. Guess who served tuna fish for Thanksgiving dinner?