Tuesday, October 30, 2007


No recipe today. I'm busy thinking about how certain smells and aromas can transport you back to a time and a place. Here's the current list that I am focusing on:

Emeraude - Grandma. Not a kitchen smell but to me it simply means my great-grandmother, Therese McGinnes Austin. To this day, when I am on a bus or walk by a woman wearing Emeraude there are times when I just want to cry.

Cinnamon - winters in upstate New York and my mother's french toast. Mom made great french toast with the big Texas toast loaf of bread, eggs, milk, vanilla and lots of cinnamon.

Nutmeg - Welsh Cookies. I'll post this recipe as we get closer to the holidays. These are cookies that Mom made every year around Christmas and to my knowledge she was the only one who made them. Many people would ask "What are they?" because they looked like little tea cakes. The cookies have dried currants and nutmeg and are placed on a griddle to cook.

Saffron - Paella. This spice is all me and my passion for Spanish cooking. Sometimes I need to remind myself not to use too much or else the food acquires a medicinal smell. A little goes a long way.